Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions…we have answers!  We have included information below on the most common questions asked by our couples. 

If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.  We are here to craft your dream wedding vision and simplify your planning journey!

What does Crated Charm do???

Here at Crafted Charm, we offer a variety of wedding planning and wedding design packages that can be completely customized to fit your unique needs.  We can also create your florals and set-up decor with our large selection of rental items.

Event Planning/ Design FAQS

  • Why should I hire a planner/ coordinator?

We help with selecting reputable vendors that excel in their craft and find you the best deals and resources using our memberships and network connections. We locate venues that fit your budget and style. We can do the negotiating for you and schedule your vendor meetings while asking the important questions to ensure all tasks are checked. We review contracts and create timelines and can help construct a budget. We can help with design and bring theme and style together through industry experience. We have monthly checklists to help you stay on task and relieve stress. We advise and provide etiquette for all stationary and coordinate the rehearsal. We create the itinerary and personalized itineraries with reminders and serve as your referee, budget advisor, advocate, etiquette expert, personal shopper, detail manager and event organizer. We supervise and coordinate all the details of your “special day” so that you can actually enjoy the day.

  • What’s the difference between your services and a venue coordinator?

We are looking out for YOUR Best Interest. The venue coordinator is looking out for the best interest of the venue. A venue coordinator will ensure everything pertaining to the venue, such as the set up, bathrooms, ground, etc. is ready for your arrival. We will contact all your vendors prior to arrival to ensure all their details are confirmed and ready to go! We will be at your wedding from start to finish as well as be by your side throughout the entire day! A Venue Coordinator is not going to your “getting ready” location to make sure your bouquets are delivered, and you are on time for getting in your dress for pictures. We are hired by YOU, hand selected by YOU, and we will be there for YOU!

  • Why should you hire Crafted Charm?

We are wedding planning and event design certified. We have partnerships and network with extremely talented vendors. We have the knowledge, experience, and organizational qualities needed for the job. As a team, we strive to provide a relaxed and stress free experience and we actually enjoy and look forward to getting to know you as a couple before starting the planning process. We provide the tools and resources such as amazingly detailed timelines that give your vendors everything they need to know. We listen and work with you to create the experience of a lifetime!  Let us craft your dream wedding vision and simply your wedding planning journey.

  • Where do you plan events?

We are based in Rock Hill, South Carolina and we plan weddings & events throughout the Carolinas. 

  • What services do you offer?

Wedding or Corporate, Full-Service or Event Management…We offer Full Service Planning and Design packages to Month-of/Event Management Coordination packages. We offer full service and partial design as well as floral design.  We can also customize any package to fit your event.

  • What is your pricing?

Pricing is dependent upon travel and location, number of guests and consultants needed, amount of planning desired, etc.

  • What is one thing you want us to know about your planning style?

We are very creative team that is logistically driven. We ensure precision along with a fabulous design that will leave a jaw dropping impression on your guests! We not only want to make your special day unique, but we want your experience to be unique as well. That’s why getting to know YOU, is our number one priority.  You are our inspiration.

  • One piece of advice?

Hire a planner that you are completely comfortable with and trust! You get what you pay for and a planner should want to build a relationship with you and truly get to know you as a couple. Your Planner needs to be your trusted advisor, your advocate…and partner with you along this journey.

Still have questions and need answers?

Not ready to hire a planner, but you have a list of questions that you need answered?  We can help!  Book a 90 minute Q&A session with us and we will answer all of your wedding planning and design questions so that you can feel that sigh of relief, knowing that our team of professional planners and designers have the answers.


  • What’s my favorite thing about being a wedding planner?

Hands down, my favorite aspect of being a wedding planner is being a witness to the love.  Not just the love between the couple, but the wedding party, the family, the guests.  Love is hope, love is security, love is a universal language that transpires the biggest emotion within ourselves.  A couple’s big day is a tribute to companionship and commitment, but the love you see…it’s always amazing, always humbling.  The tears in the bride’s father’s eyes as he sees his baby girl in her gown, the Maid of Honor that stumbles during her toast, trying to hold back the tears of true joy as she shares her love for the couple and her own love story for her best friend, the Groom that tells me he is the luckiest man alive because he found the love of his life…Each time I am reminded of the love that exists in the world and this gives me hope…hope for the future…hope for my children…it’s beautiful.

  • What was one of my favorite weddings?

As a wedding planner in the Carolinas for so many years, I have witnessed countless beautiful moments.  This is the most difficult question because each wedding and each couple are so unique and they bring different elements and experiences with them that we share in our wedding planning and wedding design journey together.  One of the weddings that pops into mind is a wedding from last season.  It was a beautiful wedding to say the least, but that’s also probably the least memorable component because it was all about the intentional moments.  I always tell my couple the importance of creating intentional, unique moments, so that they walk away from their wedding day with moments they can remember and cherish.  Otherwise, it can easily turn into a whirlwind that is over in a blink of an eye.  The bride and groom were high school sweethearts and their courtship was not always easy through college and the years after college, but they were committed.  The love and understanding they had for one another was remarkable and they had the mindset and maturity to nurture each other and their relationship, as well as the understanding that they are not only committing to each other now, but the future versions of themselves as they grow as individuals in their relationship.  I’ll never forget the father/ daughter dance that included practiced, choreographed moves, skits, props…the works.  The way the bridesmaids reacted to their bride when they saw her in her wedding dress and the years of anticipation on their faces, was enough to make me break down.  When the Father of the Bride raised a glass in my honor, just to thank me for all I had done and for taking the time to understand my couple and their “why,” these are moments I will never forget and always vow never to take for granted.


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