As a Charlotte wedding planner, it is important to remember that a wedding is an experience. It’s a vision coming to life and each big-day is unique. Your wedding should be an extension of you and a reflection of your distinctive details and personality. It is our passion to help create these aw-inspiring, special moments. At Crafted Charm, we are committed to providing an unparalleled experience and would be honored to craft your wedding vision and simplify your planning journey.

Why Hire A Charlotte Wedding Planner?

We help with selecting reputable vendors that excel in their craft and find you the best deals and resources using our memberships and network connections. We locate venues that fit your budget and style. We can do the negotiating for you and schedule your vendor meetings while asking the important questions to ensure all tasks are checked. We review contracts and create detailed timelines and can help construct a budget. We have experience in design and bring theme and style together through industry experience. We have monthly checklists to help you stay on task and relieve stress. We serve as your referee, budget advisor, advocate, etiquette expert, personal shopper, detail manager and event organizer. We supervise and coordinate all the details of your wedding day so that you can enjoy the day.


You can select one of our pre-constructed packages or your certified wedding planner can customize a package that meets your unique needs.

This one is for the couples who enjoy planning their own wedding, but need a logistics guru to make it happen while you’re getting ready with your besties and taking your photos. Our Wedding Day Management Package is geared toward couples who have the fundamentals of wedding planning and vendor booking in hand, but are looking for professional assistance toward the end of the planning when tying together the remaining details and guiding the wedding weekend. The month-of option provides clients with well-constructed timelines, diagrams, vendor communication and seamless event execution.  This option aids in rehearsal and etiquette and allows the clients to have a professional coordinator help to lessen the amount of planning pitfalls.




This one is for couples who would like to plan all the details of their wedding and handle all the communication with their wedding professionals.  This couple would like to have a certified wedding planner assist the day-of to ensure decor is set-up and the hired wedding professionals are on point



Our Partial Design Add-on is for couples who would like to add-on to a coordinating planning package and need assistance with the design details of their wedding.  This is for the couple that may need extra assistance with linen selection, color palette selection, choosing ceremony decor, finalizing floral choices, theme and style development, assistance with tablescape design and decor, and all of the little design details that bring your vision to life.

A woman in a flowing wedding dress twirls in front of a white colonial house surrounded by manicured hedges and red flowers, meticulously arranged by a Charlotte wedding planner.
Groom crying at wedding ceremony, covering face with hands, while another man watches, standing in front of a floral arch designed by a Charlotte wedding planner.
A bride and groom kissing tenderly in front of a brick church with stained glass windows, surrounded by green foliage arranged by a Charlotte NC florist.
Photos By Chantelle Jordan

Our Full Wedding Planning & Full Design Package is geared toward the couples who may have very little time to focus on planning an entire wedding, or perhaps find themselves overwhelmed with all the details, etiquette and moving pieces involved in a wedding. In this case, Crafted Charm will handle all the particulars from the moment we have our initial consultation until the moments that follow after you say “I do.” We work with the venues and vendors to help produce your vision, so that you can have more of a relaxing experience as we build to create those unforgettable moments! This package is for you if you need our unlimited support every step of the way in order to create your vision, from choosing all of your decor, designing layouts, choosing stationary, theme development and so much more. We are here to create your personal dream team of vendors. We’re here to finesse all those little details because life just got a lot busier. Let us be by your side through every step.




Our Partial Wedding Planning & Partial Design Package is for the couples who may have booked a few wedding professionals and dedicated some time toward planning.  In this case, Crafted Charm will guide you through the rest of the particulars and will fill in all the gaps.  We will work with the venues and vendors to help produce your dream wedding, so that you can have time to enjoy those precious moments! This package is for you if you need more support and we can assist you through the planning process and help to finish creating your dream team of vendors. This package is also for you if you find that you need assistance with choosing decor, finalizing your color palettes, choosing your florals, etc.  We’re here to help and support you through this process.

Proposal Packages

Choose from one of our proposal packages that are designed so that you have an unforgettable proposal that will be cherished for a lifetime. We handle the coordination, design, and execution all in house so that you have a hassle-free experience. We have the rental inventory, the set-up team, and floral designers on staff. We oversee all final arrangements and costs so you can focus on what’s important. We provide a timeline and all details while crafting the experience so that you can confidently execute the dream proposal.


A customized picnic is crafted to reflect your unique love story.


You choose the space and we will handle the rest. Whether it’s a hotel room, bedroom, rooftop, venue, or park, we will transform the space into a fairy-tale proposal.


A customized experience is crafted after an initial consultation to reflect your unique love story. 

Need Answers? Book Your Q&A Call Today!

Not ready to hire a planner, but you have a list of questions that you need answered?  We can help!  Book a 90 minute Q&A session with us and we will answer all of your wedding planning and design questions so that you can feel that sigh of relief, knowing that our team of professional planners and designers have the answers.