Custom Wedding Floral Design in NC & SC

Rent your custom wedding flowers for your wedding vision with faux wedding florals.  No longer worry about what flowers are in season or your chosen color palette!

At Crafted Charm, we can create your custom wedding flower vision in NC & SC that are within your budget by creating bouquets and arrangements using high-quality faux florals.  We create custom floral swags, centerpieces, bouquets, arches, installations, and so much more.

Have Crafted Charm design stunning wedding floral arrangements that are locally sourced!

Do you love the charming fragrance, the feeling and texture, and grand look of real wedding florals?  We know the feeling and can create custom wedding floral centerpieces, bouquets, large swags and so much more, while staying within your budget.  We aim to locally source many of our flowers and can create custom wild and seasonal floral packages by sourcing throughout NC & SC, which is a tremendous budget saver!